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extern crate embedded_hal_mock as hal;
use hal::i2c::Transaction as I2cTrans;
use hal::spi::Transaction as SpiTrans;
mod common;
use common::{ DEVICE_ADDRESS as DEV_ADDR, Register, new_ds3231,
new_ds3232, new_ds3234, destroy_ds3231, destroy_ds3232,
destroy_ds3234, BitFlags as BF };
get_param_test!(is_running, is_running, CONTROL, true, 0);
get_param_test!(is_not_running, is_running, CONTROL, false, BF::EOSC);
get_param_test!(is_busy, is_busy, STATUS, true, 0xFF);
get_param_test!(is_not_busy, is_busy, STATUS, false, 0xFF & !BF::BUSY);
get_param_test!(stopped, has_been_stopped, STATUS, true, 0xFF);
get_param_test!(not_stopped, has_been_stopped, STATUS, false, 0xFF & !BF::OSC_STOP);
get_param_test!(alarm1_matched, has_alarm1_matched, STATUS, true, 0xFF);
get_param_test!(alarm1_not_matched, has_alarm1_matched, STATUS, false, 0xFF & !BF::ALARM1F);
get_param_test!(alarm2_matched, has_alarm2_matched, STATUS, true, 0xFF);
get_param_test!(alarm2_not_matched, has_alarm2_matched, STATUS, false, 0xFF & !BF::ALARM2F);
get_param_read_array_test!(temp_0, get_temperature, 0.0, TEMP_MSB, [0, 0], [0, 0]);
get_param_read_array_test!(temp_min, get_temperature, -128.0, TEMP_MSB, [0b1000_0000, 0], [0, 0]);
get_param_read_array_test!(temp_max, get_temperature, 127.75, TEMP_MSB, [0b0111_1111, 0b1100_0000], [0, 0]);