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Michael Beaumont b5e647b0d0 Rename red to chromatic, rename epd2in9b to epd2in9bc 3 years ago
Michael Beaumont 20a01a25bf
Add epd2in9b support 3 years ago
Caemor 8da294dd5e Update embedded-graphics, 3 years ago
Caemor dcaed6fb3e Update embedded-graphics and update epd4in2-blue-pill-exampleg 3 years ago
Chris e518265273 Run cargo fmt (reverted for constants and some graphic calculations) 4 years ago
Chris a7d0f13d13 Fix clippy lints 4 years ago
Chris f039b1f6a4 Improve documentation 4 years ago
Chris 598a6924ea Cleanup of color-module and removal of old drawing module 4 years ago
Chris 697a781ff2 Remove more or less duplicate test cases for 2in9 buffer 4 years ago
Chris 520317f351 Fixed examples and more small improvements 4 years ago
Chris b9a833ec5f Revert "inverse the colors" 4 years ago
Chris 7dd826795a inverse the colors 4 years ago
Chris e17697cfb1 Fix missing std-lib in a test 4 years ago
Chris 29b7986848 Add from_u8 to color, finish drawing for 4in2 4 years ago
Christoph Groß 80090d8df2 Added testcases for default size and color of the various displays 4 years ago
Christoph Groß e0cf10bf4e Moved Colors into its own module 4 years ago
Christoph Groß 99d1d66a3c add copy and clone traits to color 4 years ago
Christoph Groß cd98033204 first steps to rustfmt althought it sometimes doesn#t exactly looks good 4 years ago
Christoph Groß 835e25d133 Used cargo clippy to fix a few bad coding styles 4 years ago
Christoph Groß 634598c111 improved documenation 4 years ago
Christoph Groß 4090fb4ead Made draw_char and draw_string ready for tests 4 years ago