166 Commits (27e367c89c447283d6646ee77fe4af674785be75)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Marc Poulhiès 27e367c89c Initial support for Waveshare 2in13 v2 e-ink screen 2 years ago
Marc Poulhiès 82b8c98538 Better handling for screen size not divisible by 8 2 years ago
Michael Beaumont 9167c643f9
Add epd2in9bc to README, add example 3 years ago
Michael Beaumont b5e647b0d0 Rename red to chromatic, rename epd2in9b to epd2in9bc 3 years ago
Michael Beaumont 7a5472f73a
Update epd2in9b after embedded-graphics update 3 years ago
Caemor 409676423d Mainly improved Documenation 3 years ago
Caemor dcc264c2b0 Replace tabs with spaces 3 years ago
Michael Beaumont 20a01a25bf
Add epd2in9b support 3 years ago
Caemor ec72357b55 Update/Include new update_and_display trait 3 years ago
Caemor 8da294dd5e Update embedded-graphics, 3 years ago
Caemor dcaed6fb3e Update embedded-graphics and update epd4in2-blue-pill-exampleg 3 years ago
Christoph Grabo 4ecee29641
Apply cargo fmt 3 years ago
Christoph Grabo 35291fe639
Add V2 version of epd7in5 3 years ago
Christoph Grabo f17cae8e49
Add new optional extention trait 3 years ago
Christoph Grabo a9f27e51ae
Use embedded_hal::digital::v2 (v1 is deprecated) 3 years ago
Johan Kristell 8f89ade010 cargo fmt 3 years ago
Johan Kristell 435cfd9a1c Rename trait and method and doc update 3 years ago
Johan Kristell b170e34028 Add documentation 3 years ago
Johan Kristell d0b7f162fe Add support for the epd1in54b display 3 years ago
Jack Grigg c049b0a9f4
EPD7in5 support 3 years ago
dbr 3e56353cb6 embedded-graphics 0.5.0 removed the with_ prefix from some methods 4 years ago
dbr 99b4cff362 draw_helper takes IntoIterator 4 years ago
dbr f96caeb419 Update for embedded-graphics 0.5.2 4 years ago
Chris 7b4a7f0578
v0.3.2 - some timing fixes (#29) 4 years ago
Chris 34c03c5486 Fixed forgotten fmt 4 years ago
Chris 63321f7e2c Fix: Timing Issues after display_frame 4 years ago
Chris 47af2fc664
Make a few small updates to support TeXitoi rusty clock (#27) 4 years ago
Chris 5c0744ff01
Various improvements (#25) 4 years ago
Chris d7f3cdca97
Edition 2018 (#24) 4 years ago
Chris b9395b5eff Prepare release 4 years ago
Chris ebb33661c3 cleanup of a few tested/resolved todos 4 years ago
Chris 2796d875f5 Add rustfmt::skip to constants and graphics::rotation 4 years ago
Chris e518265273 Run cargo fmt (reverted for constants and some graphic calculations) 4 years ago
Chris 375adf4bff Use `data_x_times` instead of big u8-slice 4 years ago
Chris e76a2c45f8 Use data_x_times instead of big buffers 4 years ago
Chris 22e3ee22b2 Include `set_lut` in WaveshareDisplay Trait 4 years ago
Chris a7d0f13d13 Fix clippy lints 4 years ago
Chris 91d7a7862a improved docs for 2in9 4 years ago
Chris 0204e72cb5 Some last doc changes 4 years ago
Chris 3fc25d71e5 Improved Documentation 4 years ago
Chris f039b1f6a4 Improve documentation 4 years ago
Chris 598a6924ea Cleanup of color-module and removal of old drawing module 4 years ago
Chris 697a781ff2 Remove more or less duplicate test cases for 2in9 buffer 4 years ago
Chris efa5591788 Added some comments to the previous commit 4 years ago
Chris 824735fb64 Fix error where pixel outside display lead to early return instead of just skipping that pixel 4 years ago
Chris 520317f351 Fixed examples and more small improvements 4 years ago
Chris 3b0b5962ec Streamline a few things 4 years ago
Chris a1adeb77a4 more changes to the displaydimension trait 4 years ago
Chris a832ab9fed add more changes 4 years ago
Chris f6a894c5a3 use generalised graphics with new specialised buffers 4 years ago