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Chris 5c0744ff01
Various improvements (#25)
- Added is_busy to Waveshare_Interface
- Added IS_BUSY_LOW const for all supported epds
- Added is_busy to DisplayInterface
- moved width, height and default_background_color directly to epd4in2 module
- Added VarDisplay (a variable buffersize display/graphic driver)
- Removed all Buffers (Buffer1in54,...) and instead made specialised Displays (Display1in54,...) with included Buffers
- Updated and added more examples
- Cargo fmt/clippy
- Improved Docs/Readmes
4 years ago
Chris d7f3cdca97
Edition 2018 (#24)
* "cargo fix --edition" for the library

* Switch to 2018 edition

* Use cargo fix edition-idioms and remove the internal renaming from embedded_hal to hal

* Updated Readme

* run cargo fmt
4 years ago
Chris e518265273 Run cargo fmt (reverted for constants and some graphic calculations) 4 years ago
Chris 22e3ee22b2 Include `set_lut` in WaveshareDisplay Trait 4 years ago
Chris 139096297b Generalise graphics once more
Change u16 positions to u32 to adapt to embedded graphics unsigned coordinates

Furthermore added epd4in2 defaults graphics buffer
5 years ago
Chris 4916ac674a Add an reference to the linux specific max spi bytes size 5 years ago
Chris 6b89ee1b8e Set spi chunk limit on linux with cfg!
Not tested yet
5 years ago
Chris 468425881c readd data_x_times 5 years ago
Chris 89489da657 Renaming of WaveshareInterface and Connectioninterface
WaveshareInterface -> WaveshareDisplay
traits::interface::ConnectionInterface -> interface::DisplayInterface
5 years ago