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Chris d7f3cdca97
Edition 2018 (#24)
* "cargo fix --edition" for the library

* Switch to 2018 edition

* Use cargo fix edition-idioms and remove the internal renaming from embedded_hal to hal

* Updated Readme

* run cargo fmt
5 years ago
Chris b9395b5eff Prepare release
- fix cargo fmt error
- rename forgotten stuff
5 years ago
Chris ebb33661c3 cleanup of a few tested/resolved todos 5 years ago
Chris e518265273 Run cargo fmt (reverted for constants and some graphic calculations) 5 years ago
Chris 375adf4bff Use `data_x_times` instead of big u8-slice 5 years ago
Chris 22e3ee22b2 Include `set_lut` in WaveshareDisplay Trait 5 years ago
Chris 91d7a7862a improved docs for 2in9 5 years ago
Chris 3fc25d71e5 Improved Documentation 5 years ago
Chris 697a781ff2 Remove more or less duplicate test cases for 2in9 buffer 5 years ago
Chris 520317f351 Fixed examples and more small improvements 5 years ago
Chris 139096297b Generalise graphics once more
Change u16 positions to u32 to adapt to embedded graphics unsigned coordinates

Furthermore added epd4in2 defaults graphics buffer
5 years ago
Chris 8904066de6 Moved constants of type_a to its own file 5 years ago
Chris 89489da657 Renaming of WaveshareInterface and Connectioninterface
WaveshareInterface -> WaveshareDisplay
traits::interface::ConnectionInterface -> interface::DisplayInterface
5 years ago
Chris 87832f6043 Made SPI shareable
Disown spi for better shareabilty
5 years ago
Chris 6a24acf62b Removed data_x_times function 5 years ago
Chris 2f4ebfecab Fix previous Delay Commit
Some stuff was forgotten in the previous commit
5 years ago
Chris fabc5f262e Make delay a function parameter
This change makes delay a function parameter where necessary and stops the need of owning the delay
5 years ago
Chris 1791388a8b Renamed folder `interface` to `traits` 5 years ago
Chris 0ddaf9679a Deletion of single u8 data Transfers and renaming of various functions
command_with_data -> cmd_with_data
command -> cmd
multiple_data -> data
5 years ago
Christoph Groß 80090d8df2 Added testcases for default size and color of the various displays 5 years ago
Christoph Groß fa6bce5ee7 Cleanup of WaveshareInterface
-Removed update_and_display_frame
-removed update_and_display_partial_frame

-Renamed get_width and get_height to just width and height
5 years ago
Christoph Groß e0cf10bf4e Moved Colors into its own module 5 years ago
Christoph Groß cd593c51cb Make the code more readable with a few already introduced adapter functions (e.g. command_with_data) 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 7fa1a27f40 Shortened TypeDefinitions,
made init a private function,
added a crate internal extended waveshareinterface,
added a combined  Connection_interface::data_and_command function,
added a wake_up function,
added a updated_and_display_partial_frame_function
5 years ago
Christoph Groß cd98033204 first steps to rustfmt althought it sometimes doesn#t exactly looks good 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 835e25d133 Used cargo clippy to fix a few bad coding styles 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 5c8972ec46 small epd removel update 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 5dbf873631 Moved type_a LUTs to type_a ,
updated dependencies accordingly
5 years ago
Christoph Groß 6422142133 Not all Type A screens are completly the same to the change to bring it all together was reverted. 5 years ago
Christoph Groß bbb79560f6 moved duplicate type a constants, commands and configs to a new, more generalised type_a module, not completly finished yet 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 94ac5938b2 fixed bad documentation of the 2in9 epd 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 1f2c68d16d Finished 2in9 support, now it needs to be tested 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 5e03c3c39a Stablised traits and interfaces, converted epd4in2 to it, and started real work on epd2in9 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 80e5c0ffb1 improved traits, now it should be ready to convert 4.2" 5 years ago
Christoph Groß ceee294cda Started some shared traits between the different epds, saving now 5 years ago
Christoph Groß 4cd9b26a24 Started work on 2in9 waveshare device, but nothing much besides copying has yet happened 5 years ago