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Build Status


IN WORK! Drivers for various EPDs from Waveshare.

Currently only support for the 4.2 Black/White one

Be careful with the partial updates! It was only tested in a mBED implementation, the rust one wasn't tested enough yet!!!


  • add more example (e.g. for f3)
  • improve the partial drawing/check the timings/timing improvements/....
  • for later: add support for the smaller waveshare epds
  • License: Stay with ISC (=MIT) or go to Apache+MIT Dual Version as used in many other projects?



  • Lines
  • Squares
  • Circles
  • Pixels
  • Chars
  • Strings

Chars and Strings work with a 8x8-Font.

Support for bigger sized/independent Fonts is in work.

With a Buffer

  • Chars, Strings and filled circles are still missing
  • maybe work with traits here for line_drawing and so on?

Without a Buffer

Maybe add support for Non-Buffer drawing from the Crate later on.


There is an example for Raspberry Pi in the example folder.