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All of these examples are projects of their own.

A few notes:

  • If not stated otherwise the example is for a Raspberry Pi running Linux.
  • epdXinYY_full showcase most of what can be done with this crate. This means that they are using graphics feature and use the DisplayXinYY with its buffer.

Special Examples:


This examples used the graphics feature with VarDisplay and therefore a variable buffer(size).

epd1in54_no_graphics (Fastest Example)

This example doesn't use the graphics feature and handles all the "drawing" by itself. It also has a speeddemonstration included.


Connect epd4in2 display to blue pill board:

  • BUSY -> A10
  • RST -> A9
  • DC -> A8
  • CS -> B12
  • CLK -> B13
  • DIN -> B15
  • GND -> G
  • VCC -> 3.3

For compiling and flashing, please refer to TeXitois blue pill quickstart.


curl -sSf | sh
rustup target add thumbv7m-none-eabi
sudo apt-get install gdb-arm-none-eabi openocd
cd epd4in2_full_blue_pill
# connect ST-Link v2 to the blue pill and the computer
# openocd in another terminal
cargo run --release

Ff you can't connect to openocd you might need to adapt your udev rules or use sudo (openOCD Problems)