Make the cursor used for the permalink a text cursor.

The default cursor value assigned by Bootstrap for readonly text fields
is "not-allowed", which is rendered as a pointer on Chrome (which isn't
great), but as an "unavailable" icon on Internet Explorer, which is
pretty terrible.

This switches to "text" (i.e. an I-beam), which makes it much more
obvious that the text is selectable anyway.
Malcolm Rowe 10 years ago
parent 15c80dbc10
commit fe8a6e37ab

@ -3,6 +3,13 @@ body {
padding-bottom: 40px;
/* Override the cursor that Bootstrap defines for readonly inputs, as it looks
* very odd on IE (and 'text' makes it clearer that it's copyable everywhere).
#permalink {
cursor: text;
.sideBySide {