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# Lines starting with '#' are comments.
# Each line is a file pattern followed by one or more owners.
# These owners will be the default owners for everything in the repo.
* @mattgodbolt
# rabsrincon
static/conformance-view.js @RabsRincon
static/cppp-mode.js @RabsRincon
static/themes.js @RabsRincon
lib/asm-docs.js @RabsRincon
lib/asm-docs-api.js @RabsRincon
views/sitemap.pug @RabsRincon
# jaredwy
static/opt-view.js @jaredwy
lib/compilers/argument-parsers.js @jaredwy
# tartanllama
static/ast-view.js @TartanLlama
static/haskell-mode.js @TartanLlama
lib/compilers/haskell.js @TartanLlama
views/example.hs @TartanLlama
# cppchedy
static/cfg-view.js @cppchedy
lib/cfg.js @cppchedy