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In progress

Currently in progress is the difference view. In order to achieve this we need two "compiler" views; an "A" and "B". I'm in the progress of splitting out all the compiler-specifics into a class of sorts in the mainline, as this is a sensible refactor anyway. In the "diffs" branch I'm sketching out the UI.


  • storage in both hash tag and in local storage need to change. Specifically they are too tied to the notion of a single compiler.
  • should ensure backwards compatibility: store off some hash tags and test the decode to the same view in the new scheme.
  • binary mode could be done by compiling to .o (with LTO as necessary) and then decoding result of objdump -d -C /tmp/temp.o -l -M intel --insn-width=16 (for example).


Bug with clicked URLs and race to get the list of compilers (null compiler)