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Matt Godbolt 461e6110ef Fix unused label issues
Treat labels which are used only by directives in other labels as used
if the other label itself is used by an opcode: that is, propagate the
transitive usage of labels.

Fixes #35
7 years ago
.idea IDEA stuff 7 years ago
c-preload Fix up shebang in compiler-wrapper 7 years ago
d Add clean rule to d/Makefile, and clean up subdirectories in 'make clean' 7 years ago
etc Dial down static cache length to 30s 7 years ago
examples Better alignment hint for "max array (optimized)" 7 years ago
lib Fix unused label issues 7 years ago
static Fix typo 7 years ago
static-old First move towards rewrite 7 years ago
test Fix unused label issues 7 years ago
.bowerrc First move towards rewrite 7 years ago
.gdb_history 6.1 rc2 7 years ago
.gitignore Early support for r.js 7 years ago
.jshintrc Add IDEA files. 8 years ago
.travis.yml Remove stable node from travis for now, as it doesn't like memwatch 7 years ago
LICENSE Update copyright 7 years ago
Makefile Ensure static/ext directory is clean before pulling stuff into it the first time 7 years ago Add some notes on LTO version 7 years ago Update 7 years ago Early support for r.js 7 years ago
app.js Support config of postProcess tool 7 years ago
bower.json Use an 'official' build of golden-layout 7 years ago
gdb.txt 6.1 rc2 7 years ago Added tiny shell script to start gcc-explorer with C++ language. 7 years ago Tiny script to start listening on specific port (not parsed from config files). 7 years ago
package.json Fix unused label issues 7 years ago

Build Status Codewake

GCC Explorer

GCC Explorer is an interactive compiler. The left-hand pane shows editable C/C++ code. The right, the assembly output of having compiled the code with a given compiler and settings.

Try out the demo site!


GCC Explorer is written in node.

Assuming you have npm and node installed, simply running make ought to get you up and running with a GCC explorer running on port 10240 on your local machine: http://localhost:10240

If you want to point it at your own GCC or similar binaries, either edit the etc/config/ or else make a new one with the name The config system leaves a lot to be desired, I'm working on porting CCS to javascript and then something more rational can be used.

Feel free to raise an issue on github or email me directly for more help.