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The firmware is Keyberon, a pure rust firmware.


  • 60 keys, using Cherry MX switches, only 1U keycaps;
  • USB-C connector;
  • 1 STM32F072 MCU, with hardware USB DFU bootloader;
  • Only onboard SMD component (except for the switches).


  • Keyseebee for being the «I will change it quickly and have something ready in an hour» base project (even if I ended up redoing most of the hardware design).
  • Steamvan for some KiCad design ideas;
  • help-14 for making a nice list of existing keyboard;
  • Masterzen and many others for writing online tutorials for newbies like me.

Usefull resources

Bill Of Materials

Item Package Qty Remarks Price
PCB 3 aisler
100 nF 0805 5 magic match aisler 0
PRTR5V0U2X,215 sot-143 1 0.43
4.7 uF 0805 2 0
470 Ohm 0805 1 magic match aisler 0
TLV70233DBVR sot-23 1 magic match aisler 0.37
74LVC1G34GW,125 1 magic match aisler 0.28
0805L050WR (500mA Polyfuse) 0805 1 magic match aisler 1.91
RS282G05A3SMRT (micro switch) 2 magic match aisler 1.26
100nF 0805 2 magic match aisler 0
5.1 kOhm 0805 3 magic match aisler 0
0805L050WR (500mA Polyfuse) 0805 1 magic match aisler 0
1N4148WS-7-F sod-323 60
WS2812B 10
USB TypeC HRO Receptacle 1
Gateron Switch 60
Keycaps 60

Compiling and flashing

Install the complete toolchain and utils:

curl -sSf | sh
rustup target add thumbv6m-none-eabi
rustup component add llvm-tools-preview
cargo install cargo-binutils
sudo apt-get install dfu-util


cd firmware
cargo objcopy --bin pouetpouet --release -- -O binary pouetpouet.bin

To flash using dfu-util, first put the board in dfu mode by pressing BOOT, pressing and releasing RESET and releasing BOOT. Then:

dfu-util -d 0483:df11 -a 0 -s 0x08000000:leave -D pouetpouet.bin

The fist time, if the write fail, your flash might be protected. To unprotect:

dfu-util -d 0483:df11 -a 0 -s 0x08000000:force:unprotect -D pouetpouet.bin