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# Board setup
BOARD_TAG = nano
BOARD_SUB = atmega328
# Use 'do_upload' target to upload software to arduino's flash.
# You need to set this variable correctly.
MONITOR_PORT ?= /dev/ttyUSB0
# LCD pins/pcb socket have been prepared, but software is lagging behind.
# Disabling until the situation changes.
#ARDUINO_LIBS = LiquidCrystal
# Libs for handling the Nema motor and the trigger swtiches.
ARDUINO_LIBS = StepperDriver Switch
# Points to submodule
# You may need to change this, depending on your local setup.
ARDUINO_DIR ?= $(HOME)/arduino/arduino-1.8.9
# for flashing
# We don't need exact math. Let gcc be a bit more agressive.
CFLAGS += -ffast-math
CXXFLAGS += -ffast-math
include $(ARDMK_DIR)/