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[_stm32f0xx-hal_]( contains a hardware abstraction on top of the peripheral access API for the STMicro STM32F0xx family of microcontrollers.
This crate replaces the [stm32f042-hal]( by a more ubiqitous version suitable for additional families. The idea behind this crate is to gloss over the slight differences in the various peripherals available on those MCUs so a HAL can be written for all chips in that same family without having to cut and paste crates for every single model.
This crate relies on Adam Greig's fantastic [stm32f0]( crate to provide appropriate register definitions, and implements a partial set of the [embedded-hal]( traits. Some of the implementation was shamelessly adapted from the [stm32f103xx-hal]( crate by Jorge Aparicio.
Collaboration on this crate is highly welcome, as are pull requests!
Supported Configurations
* __stm32f030__ (stm32f030x4, stm32f030x6, stm32f030x8, stm32f030xc)
* __stm32f042__
* __stm32f070__ (stm32f070x6, stm32f070xb)
* __stm32f072__
* __stm32f091__
Getting Started
If you are unfamiliar with embedded development using Rust, there are a number of fantastic resources available to help.
- [Embedded Rust Documentation](
- [The Embedded Rust Book](
- [Rust Embedded FAQ](
- [rust-embedded/awesome-embedded-rust](
See [](
0-Clause BSD License, see [LICENSE-0BSD.txt](LICENSE-0BSD.txt) for more details.