258 Commits (0d847798cedfa500edce393cfaaac208204eadc1)

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David Sawatzke 117c8121da Implement partial uart port to stm32f030 4 years ago
David Sawatzke 8e60bd30be Implement gpio for stm32f030 4 years ago
Daniel Egger 705bbb3e61
Merge pull request #1 from HarkonenBade/master 4 years ago
HarkonenBade 27bead1783 Add use of toggle to blinky_delay example 4 years ago
HarkonenBade 58caea6fa5 Added implementation of the default toggleable trait. 4 years ago
Daniel Egger 162083af74 Updated to edition 2018, bumped crate version to 0.8.0 4 years ago
Daniel Egger 3024514f71 Added travis CI config 4 years ago
Daniel Egger 3db793e9d6 First release of stm32f0xx-hal based on stm32f042-hal 4 years ago