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Daniel Egger c4ad05524e Soft-deprecate `stm32` for PAC access and use `pac` instead
Signed-off-by: Daniel Egger <>
3 years ago
HarkonenBade 7ea2af8a74 Enforce better safety guarentees
* Makes use of Rcc parameters rather than making RCC pointers
* Applys CS parameters to GPIO functions that mutate the port non
* Cut down on build gating hell a bit
4 years ago
david-sawatzke f54423aa9c Optimize delay implementation (#42)
* Optimize delay implementation
* Configure delay with hclk & only for 1MHz+
* Clean up delay implementation
* Add more reasoning and fix documentation
* Add changelog entry for delay optimization
4 years ago
david-sawatzke b2111b98b0 Fix overflow in delay (#40)
Gets checked in debug builds
4 years ago
david-sawatzke f729f7e4df Allow multi delay instances for the systick timer (#23)
* Fix typo from #21

* Implement shareable systick

* Fix it, so downcounting is expected & add overflow guards

* Add changelog entry for multi-delay
4 years ago
Daniel Egger 3691709340 Adressed a few clippy lints
Signed-off-by: Daniel Egger <>
4 years ago
David Sawatzke 2f486c62c6 Add documentation about systick to delay & timers 5 years ago
David Sawatzke 3dd342e536 Implement larger delays 5 years ago
Daniel Egger 162083af74 Updated to edition 2018, bumped crate version to 0.8.0
Signed-off-by: Daniel Egger <>
5 years ago
Daniel Egger 3db793e9d6 First release of stm32f0xx-hal based on stm32f042-hal
Signed-off-by: Daniel Egger <>
5 years ago