6 Commits (16272ef716a6faba298131e6df922b89d86e3427)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Daniel Egger d299c1deec More parametrisation and added section sizes as requested 3 years ago
Daniel Egger 63778e9479 More refined and parametrized bloat capture scripts 3 years ago
Nathan Conrad 258134c875 Disable stm32f030 CI test. 3 years ago
Daniel Egger a34f6c84e6 Let capture_example_bloat script also capture dev mode sizes 3 years ago
Tom 94eea3924b Tweaks to travis to run plain builds and faster cargo executions (#39) 4 years ago
Daniel Egger 3db793e9d6 First release of stm32f0xx-hal based on stm32f042-hal 4 years ago