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Jesse Braham 6f13445bfc Add support for the STM32f091 (#35)
* Add GPIO support for the stm32f091
* Implement RCC, Serial and Timers for stm32f091
* Implement ADC, I2C and SPI for stm32f091
* Add STM32F091 to Travis config, CHANGELOG and README
5 years ago
Yatekii 7da190e507 Added definitions for the stm32f072xx chips (#31)
* Fixed wrong gpio definitions with #[cfg(any(feature = "stm32f030", feature = "stm32f070"))]
* Added definitions for the 072 series
5 years ago
Daniel Egger 3691709340 Adressed a few clippy lints
Signed-off-by: Daniel Egger <>
5 years ago
Tom f6155f99a5 Initial test implementation of ADC helper functions (#22)
Added ADC helper functions to read more intuitive values

Co-Authored-By: HarkonenBade <>
5 years ago
Daniel Egger ef855a0829 Added "device-selected" meta-feature and simplified feature gates
Also reworked some use statements to reduce amount of meta code

Signed-off-by: Daniel Egger <>
5 years ago
HarkonenBade 0fa7a2012a Implementation of ADC interface
Base implementation of ADC functionality according to the embedded hal
traits for `Channel` and `OneShot`. Also provides references for
converting the internal temperature sensor and voltage reference values,
also the VBat reference where available.

Closes #11.
5 years ago