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David Sawatzke 66b869d0d1 Add i2c for stm32f030 (incomplete) 4 years ago
.. Updated to edition 2018, bumped crate version to 0.8.0 4 years ago Change trait functions to line up with digital traits 4 years ago Add i2c for stm32f030 (incomplete) 4 years ago Add timer implementation 4 years ago Rename prelude use statements to match crate name 4 years ago Bumped stm32f0 dependency, changed interrupt handler, bumped version to 0.9.0 4 years ago Add feature gates to everything 4 years ago Add spi for stm32f030 (incomplete) 4 years ago First release of stm32f0xx-hal based on stm32f042-hal 4 years ago Add documentation to timers 4 years ago